Understand data and plan of city with the Smart Hybrid Cloud Technology

Urban Cerebro provides a network of hybrid cloud (public and private) deployment to support risk and compliance management solutions with smart city benchmarking reporting, digital twinning and urban development analytics features (including the impact measurement of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), and the Carbon Emissions). The project is up and running in the market in Southeast Asia now with Platform as a Service (PaaS) in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) with existing 6 sign-up city governments, with 2 pilot cities in User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

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Our Features

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Open Urban Data As A Global Movement For Better Cities

With the direct partnership and services provision to the city administrators, Urban Cerebro serves as a Platform-as-a-Service to facilitate better data-driven urban innovation and project (curation) management among the city administrators.

Efficient Cloud Administration For Better Governance Through Data

The Platform of Urban Cerebro would become the digital infrastructure for the city administrators and hence becoming a digital marketplace of open urban data and analysis. Urban Cerebro bridges between Government and public with the information that can be accessed by everyone as citizen rights.

Our features image
Our features image

Affordable Digital Twinning For Urban Design, Innovation, Management and Financing

The Platform would also serve as a data map 3D Parametric models of cities on a web platform that estimates the financial health and investment of a city with accurate data calculations. The all-in-one open data map empowers the social innovators and other urban innovation developers to participate and curate sustainable real estate projects.

Urban Cerebro

Urban Cerebro is massive digital transformation for government cloud solutions and services for up to 100 cities in Southeast Asia by 2030

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